The Mysterious Message in the Cabinet

Things in the city of Los Quesos Escondidos had been very quiet and peaceful for quite some time. With the vigilant (a cat that would oversee the city) prowling around, no one cared about the unfamiliar invaders, let alone those treasure hunters who once gave a lot of money to the small but very productive community of Los Quesos Escondidos.

Adelfo, who regularly supervised the production of the merchandise, had been taking notes on one of his views of the warehouse that had been built in honor of an old queen, who had left them a very special treasure, The Book of Dreams. Each time as Adelfo, entered the warehouse, he reminisced and encountered uncertain feelings, because that place was full of many mysteries. You see this place had been built on the ruins of an old enchanted town. Some mice in the city said they heard strange slamming doors during the evening hours, and sometimes they marveled at finding the machines lit in the morning after a long, lonely night.

But on a certain April night, Adelfo took his notebook, and as if defying the unknown, he entered the warehouse well armed with courage. He prepared himself not to sleep and was determined to confront his worst fears, because if he did not,  sooner or later, this would become a life consuming and will absorbing that would eventually take a hold of his will and spirit. So, without further ado, Adelfo closed the main door behind him. As he walked through the building he found an old wooden filing cabinet that caught his attention. It had been open and left, disorganized. It seemed as if someone had been snooping, and was intentionally fearless of being caught. The perpetrator or perhaps a benefactor, had left all exposed, so that Adelfo can discover the following:

Chaos generates confusion, peace is lost and thoughts are ceased. And of course, Adelfo had been blinded by the disorganization of the filing cabinet he encountered. Several thoughts entered his mind such as, the disorderly life he was leading, and without realizing it, every day it was becoming worse and worse. Very often his stress increased, he felt overwhelmed, and was overpowered by his worries. Adelfo was about to lose patience, as nothing satisfied him, and what before once excited him, now bored him. He could not distinguish from the important to the urgent. He barely finished his daily responsibilities. Then suddenly he heard a slamming door. He felt a strong breeze. A calming sound of a flute was heard. It sounded melodious and music which lightened the darkness, along with a sweet voice that only God knows where it was coming from. Softly and very closely the voice said, “Agree with God, and be at peace; thereby good will come to you.” Job 22:21. Adelfo did not remember being in disagreement with God, but did acknowledge that he had not been in prayer with Him for quite some time; which was the only means by which he used to communicate with the Creator.

Also, the calming voice that came from the unknown told him: “If you return to the Almighty you will be built up; if you remove injustice far from your tents” Job 22:23. And that was what Adelfo needed to hear. The affliction was overwhelming him to the point of being consumed. However, that voice also assured him peace, firmness and a reward for seeking God (Job 22: 27,28). This was not just a beautiful dream, the voice was real, peaceful, serene, firm and sure. This guiding voice had that awakened Adelfo to come to a realization about his life, and about the old, messy and dirty cabinet he had seen in that office.

Suddenly, dawn arrived without warning. The time had passed very quickly and Adelfo had not even noticed. The mysteries that had been told about that place did not end with the visit of Adelfo. It is still said that in that old building things are being seen, and strange sounds are being heard. In morning hours machines are still running, the cabinets are opened, messy and disorganized, as if someone or something, for some odd reason, wanted to leave them a special message that will give them an awakening to a new order.


By Miguel Cortez

And translated by Christina Rangel


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